Diabact® UBT

Diabact® UBT was launched in 1999 and is based on a patented technology for fast-dissolving tablets, with advantages such as shorter test duration, lower dose and more reliable diagnosis.

From the start until today more than a million tablets have been used by patients. No report of adverse events.

Diabact® UBT is a cost-effective, easy to use Urea Breath Test, perfectly suited for primary diagnosis and for post treatment follow-up of Helicobacter pylori infection. It is reliable, safe and it measures active infection.

Diabact® UBT is a method with unique advantages:

  • Convenience – Easy to handle, no test preparation, just swallow a tablet
  • Comfort – Painless, no invasive gastroscopic tubing
  • Speed – Samples are ready for analysis in only 10 minutes

Diabact® UBT is available as a single patient kit or as a 10-tablet pack. Kibion can also offer a complete solution for quantitative breath tests together with the instrument  Kibion® Dynamic, based on IRIS technology.

Diabact - Single patient kit Diabact - 10 tablet pack